Leni Webber

It's time to learn more about Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance with Leni Webber, Long Term Care Solutions Specialist




"As I am going through the process of making important decisions about Long Term Care insurance, Leni has shared a wealth of knowledge and great choices. She is helpful, patient, and flexible."


"Leni Webber in one word is superb. I have enjoyed our conversations immensely. She has been an excellent teacher for someone who knows very little about long term health care. She was kind, thoughtful, understanding and spoke plainly about our options. She never tried sell me more than I needed or could afford. She put the options before me and spoke frankly and honestly about what she thought my best options were for both my husband and myself."

-Denise Alexander-

"Ms. Webber contacted me about long term care insurance. She spent about forty five minutes on the phone educating me on the subject. After that conversation she emailed me the information that I requested so that I could review the material with my wife. We decided on a convenient time and we spoke again with my wife present. She answered all of my wife's questions, set up another telephone meeting and gave us additional information to review. She was extremely knowledgeable and professional."

-Paul Blanchette-

"Leni earned my trust and great admiration through the process of our researching and buying Long Term Care Insurance. She is completely upfront and honest, thoroughly knowledgeable, and entirely thorough. She explained options clearly, followed up on all questions, and kept me and my husband fully informed at every step of the way. Thank you, Leni!"

-Emily S.-

"It was very pleasant to work with Leni. She was patient, thorough and helped me through the information. I had questions after we had met and she was available to answer those questions promptly through email as well the phone. I look forward to continue to work with her."

-Naeela Sattar-